The Purpose Of The Guest Post

A paid link is any commercial connection in which we pay for some form of advertising space within the context of our posts. All links are paid, whether they are placement ads or affiliate links (both forms of sponsored content).

We do not allow unpaid links to your products or services, as those are promotional connections that let you send someone else’s brand awareness platform like social media followers or “ exposure.

It’s one thing if you randomly connect with people through your own work and expertise but it is completely different when we are trying to build trusted relationships by placing organic ads.

By accepting paid links, you give transparency into how the advertiser may have helped their cause via marketing strategies, skill sets, and creative material helps keep viewers aware of who they are working with.

Guest Posting Is A Very Effective Way To Promote Your Website

More and more businesses are using guest posts to attract new followers, customers, and sales. In 2014, over half of all articles on marketing related topics focused on outreach content creation, including email newsletters, Twitter updates, Facebook pages, and other forms of social media.

Outreach content comes in many forms and can be defined simply as promotional content designed to draw attention to products or services.

It can also be referred to as creative content, which includes original pictures, videos, blogs, and advertising campaigns. The purpose of any given piece of outreach content is to let people know that you’re busy and helpful, and wish to speak with them.

By creating messages directed at specific audiences, emails, links, and announcements about upcoming events (outreach) will keep you engaged and allow visitors to get to know who you are and what you have to offer.

Content does not need to be written only for search engines but should include relevant keywords, category titles, and give detailed paragraphs.

Guidelines For Guest Posting

While outreach is intended to increase your reach, that doesn’t mean you should write sloppy content. In fact, it can be quite the opposite – in order to secure enough links and visitors to your website, you need to offer exceptional quality writing.

While having a presence on other sites may seem like a good thing, there are drawbacks. For one, if you only do this, you will have little time outside of doing research.

Secondly, all too often people participate in outreach efforts with the goal of gaining citations or views for their articles/websites, without actually publishing any content themselves.

Thirdly, large publications usually charge more than small websites. So although reaching out to other blogs and websites is important, so is keeping up with the latest trends and strategies in journalism.

Fourthly, conducting internet searches isn’t sufficient for finding information about your topic. You also have to take into account who you’re addressing and what language you use.

Finally, most bloggers publish similar things on their own site that they would want others to read. Moreover, personal connections matter–it’s harder to write a topical story off another person’s experience, but writers connecting via social media seems to be the norm today.

Choose Your Target Guests

Reach out to people who are already doing a great job at blogging. They’re called “authority bloggers,” and they’ve built up a network of followers by being generous with their time and expertise.

Next, consider approaching someone who has a very focused audience made up of subjects or interests related to yours.

They’re called “opinion leaders,” and they share opinions that are positive and persuasive. You can connect them to your content, encourage them to comment on your work, or both.

Outgoing and friendly, you can connect with these individuals through social media platforms. Twitter is best for short, direct messages, while Tumblr and Facebook are good for longer messages.

Make sure you know what blogs they write on, if any. Find out more about them online and via

Create A Draft

Search engines appreciate fresh content on your site, so try to offer new things every week.

Outreach guest posts are resources posted by trusted friends who want to give back to the community. These might be bloggers or journalists that have multiple sources of traffic and links to share.

They may also be users of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. It’s very important to connect with these people and learn about their needs before asking for help.

By offering assistance directly, you can build trust and find out more information about them. To start off, check some of their past articles to see if there is a connection between them and your website. Then reach out and introduce yourself via email or chat application.

Look at each platform’s guidelines for how to create an article, and ask questions if you need to. You should feel confident in your ability to work with this tool, but it is still helpful to others.

You can find websites, apps, and people who will help you run a survey or probe into the idea further. Check out the other ways below!

Ask Your Target Guests

There’s a right way and a wrong way to ask people for guest posts on their blogs. The right way is to send an email or message that sounds like you cared enough to take the time to talk to them.

You can say, “ hi sam, it was great meeting you last week at the tech conference. I noticed you have a couple of seminars coming up soon about raising your profile as a blogger. I would really love to get more perspective on what it takes to make that kind of work pay off.”

Then later you could reach out again with a follow-up question, “ hey sam, do you have any suggestions for me when it comes to finding followers and fans for my blog?”

These are thoughtful questions that show you thought the person who answered you. They indicate that you’re engaged and interested in what they had to say.

Ask yourself these questions before sending a msg:

Is this someone I want to train to be a follower/fan?

And will he or she respond positively?

That depends on the individual, but most people enjoy being asked meaningful questions. Heor she might not know the answer to the question, or maybe they don’t have a response for you yet.

In those cases, you can instead choose to wait. You can even try asking another question. Just keep the previous question in mind, and move on

Publish Your Guest Post

That way anyone who searches for content you have published will find it right away. Choose relevant keywords when you’re writing your post that get people to search for them, then reach out to other bloggers about posting your work.

Be friendly and listen to what they want from their posts. Their audience matters! You should try buying some of them a coffee if they are nice enough to give you advice.

You can also advertise your article in the form of a slide deck or a single page with a screenshot. Both methods are great for sharing information.

Consider making a small investment (20-100 dollars) in advertising. This can help bring attention to your outreach piece without being overly expensive.

Connect With Your Audience

An outreach guest post is any piece of content written for another site. The goal is to get that content published in its original form, but through YOUR lens.

The whole idea behind an outreach article is connection. You want people to read your work because you connect with them on a personal level.

They need to know who you are and what you have been doing. Your work needs to be evident of your own personality and your own taste.

You should also include links back to your website so they can visit your website and learn more about you. Then when they do research company information,they will come to trust your brand and what you have to offer.

Connection happens before publication. Make it a habit to keep looking up other blogs and social media accounts. When someone comes to your place by word or icon,be ready to say “hey” and make a smile.

If they look familiar,it might be because you did not take the time to introduce yourself earlier.

It is better to extend a hand than to hide in the bush waiting for them to approach you. Are we using the same language here?

Does this sound like something you would love to do?

Then reach out to others and see how they respond. Keep plugging along at your own pace!

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